Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with entrepreneur and dedicated relationship coach, Libby Sinback. Libby is a polyamorous relationship transformation coach and is the host of the Making Polyamory Work podcast where she tackles the hard questions about how to create and maintain authentic, loving and healthy non-monogamous relationships. Michelle and Libby discuss some of the struggles of entrepreneurship, including financial risk and balancing work and family. Libby opens up about the importance of celebrating queer entrepreneurship and the value of putting up a shield to protect yourself.


What we covered

00:58– Introducing today’s guest, Libby Sinback, who speaks to the work she does as a polyamorous relationship transformation coach

05:40 – What motivated Libby to take the leap into entrepreneurship

10:58 – Libby speaks to how she was able to navigate the financial risk of early entrepreneurship

15:12 – Libby shares why 2020 has been an incredible year for her

17:34 – Libby speaks to the skepticism that exists towards polyamory

22:22 – Libby provides her thoughts on why it’s important to celebrate queer entrepreneurship


Tweetable Quotes

“It was very scary to take that leap to become an entrepreneur.” Share on X “You don’t just need cash to float your expenses during the time that you’re running your business. You need money to spend.” Share on X “My clients loved what I was doing and they loved my work. And when I was able to see the results of that on the other side and see that I was really helping people, I knew this is what I was meant to do.” Share on X “For me, this year has been the year where I hit my stride. And all of the things that I’ve been building completely clicked into place.” Share on X “You need a little bit of a shield for people’s bullshit; even for people you love.” Share on X


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