Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with web developer and entrepreneur, Danielle Zarcaro. Danielle is the founder of Paperback Web Development, an organization that helps agencies, large & small businesses, and entrepreneurs get her clients on track, build websites and landing pages, and make website updates. Michelle and Danielle discuss the personal growth and self-discovery journey that often accompanies entrepreneurship, the importance of being well-represented as a queer business owner and the value of showing up as you are.


What we covered

01:01– Introducing today’s guest, Danielle Zarcaro, who shares her entrepreneurial origin story, the importance of accountability and their stance on napping

09:04 – Danielle shares her experience of personal growth and self-discovery as an entrepreneur

11:19 – Advice Danielle would give to aspiring queer entrepreneurs

15:20 – Danielle provides her thoughts on the value of being a queer entrepreneur and working and collaborating with other queer businesses

16:49 – What it means for Danielle to be a leader in the web development industry

18:49 – Danielle and Michelle speak about their shared experience as queer entrepreneurs and why it’s important that they are well represented

23:43 – What Danielle would tell to those considering entrepreneurship but are slightly intimidated


Tweetable Quotes

“It just feels so freeing to be able to make my own decisions about how I live my life and to be able to provide that to other people.” Share on X “I think it’s really cool that it (entrepreneurship) can become this vehicle to explore yourself and dictate direction and make decisions.” Share on X “If you’re your own boss, you sort of get to explore yourself in a way that is authentic to you.” Share on X “It’s just empowering to be able to say, ‘Here’s what I am and here’s what I’m doing. You can like it or not but you don’t have to work with me if you don’t want to.’” Share on X “I didn’t go into business because I’m queer and didn’t feel like I had an outlet. But how awesome would it be if I get to have relationships with a bunch of queer businesses? That would be so cool. And it’s not something you can control if you don’t… Share on X “I’m not necessarily shy. I don’t call myself shy. I’m introverted. I absorb. I observe and I take in all the data of what’s happening around me, and then I contribute when I want to contribute.” Share on X


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