Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with educator and clinician, Dr. Cadyn Cathers. Dr. Cathers is the Executive Director of The Affirmative Couch, an organization that supports mental health of sexual, gender, and relationship expansive communities through education. Dr. Cathers is also the interim co-director of the LGBT Specialization at Antioch University Los Angeles and adjunct faculty at Mount Saint Mary’s University and Alliant International University. Michelle and Dr. Cathers talk about the incredible work The Affirmative Couch is doing for the LGBTQIA+ community, what drives and motivates Dr. Cathers and the importance of having a strong support system as an entrepreneur.


What we covered

00:50– Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Cadyn Cathers who defines affirmative therapy and speaks to the work he’s doing with The Affirmative Couch

06:47 – Courses and other services that The Affirmative Couch offers

08:26 – Dr. Cathers speaks to what drives and motivates him and the importance of elevating the voices of clinicians

10:18 – Dr. Cathers talks about the incredibly ambitious business model of The Affirmative Couch and his entrepreneurial passion

13:35 – Advice Dr. Cathers would give to those who are nervous about embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and the importance of having a supportive partner as an entrepreneur

17:30 – Dr. Cathers speaks to strategic thinking and strategies for leveraging your finances

20:29 – Advice Dr. Cathers would give to upstart entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“Affirmative therapy is different than friendly therapy because I think, yes most therapists definitely will have an open mind, but that isn’t enough. I think to be a good therapist in working with diversity, you have to have training, consultation and… Click To Tweet “It’s estimated that around one in five people have actually tried polyamory at some point in their life and might be practicing in this current moment. That’s a huge number of people. We’re talking about twenty percent of the population and yet… Click To Tweet “Having a site where there’s lots of voices, lots of theories, lots of identities of presenters is really where the strength of The Couch is.” (10:09) (Dr. Cathers) Click To Tweet “I think it’s also that I’m just passionate about this. There’s something about this work that feeds me. I think if that wasn’t the case I don’t think I could do this.” (12:33) (Dr. Cathers) Click To Tweet “I think it’s essential. I don’t think that I would have been able to start this business or sustain this business without support from Melissa, my wife.” (16:13) (Dr. Cathers) Click To Tweet “When you step away, that’s when you can find the solutions that you didn’t think were there.” (18:47) (Dr. Cathers) Click To Tweet


Links Mentioned

Dr. Cather’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/cadyn-cathers-01112623/

The Affirmative Couch Website – https://affirmativecouch.com/

The Affirmative Couch Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/affirmativecouch/

The Affirmative Couch LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-affirmative-couch/

Michelle’s Website – https://michellecoyle.com/podcast/


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