Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with sex therapist, educator and founder of Wellcelium, Dr. Pavini Moray. Wellcelium is a sexual wellness edtech company providing pragmatic skills for thriving relationships and sexuality through online learning. Michelle and Dr. Pavini talk about the importance of queer entrepreneurship, being a leader and role model in the LGBTQIA+ community and Dr. Pavini’s passion for helping people realize the full power of their sexuality. 


What we covered

01:01 – Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Pavini Moray who speaks to the importance of queer entrepreneurship, the difference between capitalism and entrepreneurship and the work they’re doing with Wellcelium 

06:13 – Dr. Pavini speaks to the importance of representation in sex education for marginalized groups and individuals 

11:10 – Dr. Pavini’s entrepreneurial journey and the origins of Wellcelium 

13:52 – What is has meant to Dr. Pavini to be a leader and role model in their community and how Dr. Pavini shapes their mindset 

16:48 – Dr. Pavini opens up about their experience as a public leader and a recent revelation they had 

20:54 – The value and appreciation Dr. Pavini has for their work 

23:45 – Dr. Pavini speaks to their capacity and entrepreneurial curiosity


Tweetable Quotes

“Having a queer lens – being a queer person, a trans person – and being in business is really flipping the script. It’s really saying, ‘Hey, we get to do this too.’” (02:23) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X “When you’re a capitalist, you’re making money off of other people and off of the oppression of other people. Whereas entrepreneurs are making money with people.” (03:46) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X “We’re trying to provide spaces for folks to have those corrective experiences so that they can really step into the full power of their sexuality.” (08:14) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X “The route of sexuality is very direct because it’s so core and central to who we are.” (10:44) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X “Running a start-up is a whole other animal…How am I gonna do this ethically? How am I gonna not step away from what’s core and important to me? And, to do this in a way that is queer, that is trans, that is really connected to my communities and to my… Share on X “Stepping into public, visible leadership is kind of painting a target on your back in a certain way; and you have to build up your resilience.” (17:22) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X “I don’t know the edges of my capacity, and I want my capacity to be ever-increasing. And that means that I have to push the edges of it.” (24:20) (Dr. Pavini) Share on X


Links Mentioned

Dr. Pavini’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavini-moray-phd-51346650/ 

Wellcelium Website – https://wellcelium.org/ 

Wellcelium Facebook LinkedIn – https://www.facebook.com/wellcelium 

Wellcelium Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wellcelium/ 

Wellcelium YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMkDJOSAQgHG_tubrnog3Aw 

Michelle’s Website – https://michellecoyle.com/podcast/ 


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