Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with Joey Fleenor, co-owner at Greenscape Geeks, an organization that provides organic and sustainable landscape design and installation. Joey’s favorite part about owning Greenscape Geeks is the opportunity to make local communities better. Michelle and Joey discuss their shared experiences of entrepreneurship, Joey’s inspiring physical transformation and the importance of being consistent in life and business.


What we covered

00:51 – Introducing today’s guest, Joey Fleenor who speaks to his entrepreneurial journey, the process of acquiring a business and the work they are doing at Greenscape Geeks.

08:13 – Michelle and Joey discuss their shared experiences of discrimination in the workplace.

10:46 – The value Joey places on fostering a collaborative and successful organizational culture.

12:58 – Joey opens up about the tremendous physical transformation he has undergone over the past year.

17:10 – Advice Joey would give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are afraid to start.

20:17 – Joey talks about the future of Greenscape Geeks and provides three final pieces of advice.


Tweetable Quotes

“One of the big things that we do is wildlife habitat restoration. And so basically what that means is that we look at these properties and, not only are we offering them beautiful designs, but everything that we put in there serves as a habitat and… Share on X “Probably the biggest motivating factor for our decision to purchase the business was that we were just done with feeling trapped. We both felt like we were stuck.” (06:40) (Joey) Share on X “The goal is to do the things every day that it takes to get you there. And I think a lot of people forget the actions in between. They look at ‘A’ to ‘Z,’ but they don’t look at all the letters in between to get from start to finish.” (14:31) (Joey) Share on X “You’re not gonna get what you want if you don’t try or if you don’t begin the process.” (16:33) (Joey) Share on X The biggest thing that you’re gonna encounter that is a potential saboteur is fear.” (17:37) (Joey) Share on X “Starting and owning a business really comes down to three things. You have to have something that somebody wants…you have to know who those people are that want is…you have to have a way for them to get it.” (22:07) (Joey) Share on X


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Greenscape Geeks LinkedIn

Greenscape Geeks Instagram

Greenscape Geeks Facebook

Greenscape Geeks Website – https://greenscapegeeks.com/

Joey’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-l-fleenor-jr/

Michelle’s Website – https://michellecoyle.com/podcast/


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