Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with activist, author, speaker and serial entrepreneur, Brooklyn Wright. Brooklyn is an enterprising, passionate community builder who has founded and sustained two companies as well as helped over two hundred creatives and entrepreneurs build, brand and advertise their enterprises. Today, Michelle and Brooklyn discuss the power of money, addressing privilege and having tough conversations. They talk about why money has historically been such a taboo topic, the importance of investing and the value of failing quickly and often.


What we covered

00:43 – Introducing today’s guest, Brooklyn Wright, who joins the show to talk about their background as a serial entrepreneur, financial literacy and money mindset

06:12 – Brooklyn talks about understanding the power of money and how to wield that awesome power

12:28 – Brooklyn provides their thoughts on privilege and those who are uncomfortable with power

16:43 – Michelle takes a moment to thank today’s sponsor, BGSD Strategies

17:04 – Brooklyn talks about unpacking the tough conversations in order to enact actual change

18:14 – The stigma surrounding money and why it’s historically been a taboo topic

20:56 –Understanding and charging what you’re worth as an entrepreneur

24:18 – Brooklyn speaks to the work they’re doing with young people regarding financial literacy

26:53 – Brooklyn talks about the importance of investing, taking risks and failing


Tweetable Quotes

“Most folks don’t know the difference between a liability and an asset. And investing in your education, your business, your clients, your employees, etc., they’re all actually assets. And that’s key. I think that’s a great point for people to… Share on X “I’ve always had power. I think the thing is, especially for queer people, we do not like to admit that we’ve had power.” Share on X “We don’t change any of this if you’re not able to look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Oh snap, I’ve had some privilege.’” Share on X “I wanted to have real impact on the world. I didn’t want to just be sitting in my living room, typing on my computer and screaming at folks about what they should or should not be doing. I wanted to see change in my neighborhood and my community.” Share on X “It’s been very cool for rich people to talk about money together. It has been uncool for anyone else to do so. Just that change in dynamic, I know for a fact changes who has control over their life and who doesn’t.” Share on X “A lot of it for me is wanting to make folks really understand how investments work in our society. Your investments are what are gonna make you wealthy or rich or financially free; it’s not your job or your entrepreneurship.” Share on X “I encourage people to fail, to fail quickly, to fail often and to know that that’s where success is.” Share on X


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