Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Roberto sits down with entrepreneur and champion of empowering BIPOC, queer and female founders, Danya Abutaleb. Danya is the CEO of Pip, an organization that harnesses the power of dialogue to assist companies in actualizing the diverse and inclusive culture they’ve always sought. Today, Roberto and Danya talk about their shared experience growing up as a queer person in the same conservative Virginia town. Danya discusses the importance of fostering diversity and the vision they have for the future of Pip. Danya talks about their entrepreneurial journey and the importance of doing work that aligns with your soul.


What we covered

00:56 – Introducing today’s guest, Danya Abutaleb, who discusses the work they are doing at Pip Collective

07:51 – Danya’s vision for the future of Pip

09:53 – Roberto and Danya talk about how the plight of queer people has been diminished throughout the years

15:22 – Roberto and Danya share their experiences growing up in the very conservative town of Culpeper, Virginia

18:24 – Michelle takes a moment to thank today’s sponsor, BGSD Strategies

20:53 – Roberto opens up about his collegiate experience and how he developed confidence in his sexuality

25:57 – Danya takes the audience through their entrepreneurial journey

36:15 – How being a queer Muslim has impacted Danya in their businesses and advice Danya would give to aspiring queer entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“Pip was born, and now I can say that my soul has been cleansed, has been regalvinized in pursuing all that I care about and all that matters to me. And I’m doing it with an incredible team and I couldn’t be happier.” Share on X “For me, as a person who is not white, I had trouble figuring out what white guilt feels like and figuring out why someone could say just say, ‘Oh, I don’t see color’ and think that is more equitable than acknowledging our differences and acknowledging… Share on X “What we do at Pip is we start to acknowledge the spheres of power people have and hold and we look at how can we start transforming those and look at it as an anti-oppressive framework rather than solely an anti-racist or anti-homophobic framework.” Share on X “I feel like we wouldn’t be in this business or space unless we were optimists at heart, because we are investing in the future. And we are investing in the hope that the next generation and the generation thereafter will continue understanding what it… Share on X “As someone who considers myself a very futuristic thinker, the one phrase that I despise above many others is, ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it.’” Share on X


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