Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with videographer, editor and entrepreneur, Anita Kwan. Anita is the Creative Director at Reel Hoot Productions, a video production company based in Columbus, Ohio. Anita is a true storyteller at heart, helping to build trust with audiences through video. Her approach is simple, to be authentic and make video production a fun, easy process. Today, Michelle and Anita talk about the challenges of being the only minority in the room, the importance of building a safe, brave space and the work Anita is doing to help businesses grow by building a connection with their audience to inspire, create impact, and take action.


What we covered

00:49 – Introducing today’s guest, Anita Kwan, who discusses her background as a creative director, storyteller and entrepreneur

08:01 – Anita talks about what it’s like being the only minority in the room

11:21 – How Anita gets the best story out of people

13:05 – Anita talks about the importance of authenticity

14:36 – Michelle takes a moment to thank today’s sponsor, BGSD Strategies

17:23 – The value of building a safe space and a brave space

19:12 – How Anita’s business was impacted by the pandemic and how she pivoted accordingly

22:49 – Advice Anita would give to those looking to turn their passion into a plan


Tweetable Quotes

“I’ve always been an introvert when I was little. And the one thing that always kept me creative and motivated and energized was making videos with my friends.” Share on X “The pandemic has really shown us that quality doesn’t really matter. There’s so many videos out there that everyone shot on their phones but it’s getting views because people are pouring themselves into them.” Share on X “Embracing who you are, what you enjoy and being ok with it to share with the world is great because that’s what’s gonna get other people to gravitate towards you. But there is that fear of vulnerability, which actually vulnerability is such a strength… Share on X “It’s the advice I give a lot of young folks when they come out of college is to not worry so much about building your resume. Go connect with people. Those are the ones who are really gonna help you out.” Share on X “I try to always be very intentional with how I show up and the questions I ask and the way I approach.” Share on X


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