Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with transformational mindset coach, Kirsten Beske. Kirsten is a Harvard educated, experienced psychotherapist and mindset coach specializing in helping clients master their internal world to achieve success. Her specialty is working with high performing professional and entrepreneurial women to break through any inner mindset barriers holding them back from the success they deserve, with more clarity, ease and impact. Today, Michelle and Kirsten talk about the work Kirsten is doing to help entrepreneurs get past mindset blocks, overcoming fears and best practices for building positive and healthy mindsets in order to live happier and more fulfilled lives.


What we covered

00:53 – Introducing today’s guest, Kirsten Beske, who discusses her background as a transformational mindset coach

04:22 – Kirsten discusses working with entrepreneurs who are embarking on this mission as a second career, fears they have and the mindset shifts they experience

09:35 – Getting past mindset blocks and overcoming fear

14:52 – Kirsten shares her approach to building mindset like a muscle

17:10 – Kirsten provides her thoughts on self-acceptance in the marginalized queer community

23:58 – Advice Kirsten would give to hesitant, aspiring entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“When the world becomes so much more of a grind and the things that you did think you were passionate about just become so hard to do and so tiring, that constant state of exhaustion and that lack of passion. That’s when you really have to start asking… Click To Tweet “Giving back to other people. Making sure you leave the world a better place. Those are the kind of things that come up more and more as you’re older.” Click To Tweet “When we have fear and our vision does contract, people literally lose their peripheral vision; it’s not a metaphor. They measured in studies that when people are scared they lose their peripheral vision and they can’t see the options that are out… Click To Tweet “They say neurons that fire together wire together. So, if you don’t practice it on a regular basis, you’re not gonna solidify that neural pathway. And then the default will be whatever your old one was.” Click To Tweet “I think it is a superpower to have really made that fundamental of a shift of your personal identity, inner and outer matching. To have done that should hopefully give you that superpower of ‘I can do anything and survive.’” Click To Tweet “The entrepreneur’s journey is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards at the end are immensely worth it.” Click To Tweet


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