Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with Conversion Copywriter and Community Strategist, Anna Hetzel. For over five years Anna has helped countless businesses — from tech startups to national brands to nonprofits — understand their target market, uplevel their website, and retain their customers. Today, Michelle and Anna discuss Anna’s entrepreneurial journey, the importance of maintaining a balance between work and life, asking for help and the value of building a thriving community.


What we covered

00:43 – Introducing today’s guest, Anna Hetzel, who shares the work they do as a Conversion Copywriter

04:25 – Anna talks about the importance they place on balancing work and life and the many projects they are currently working on

09:20 – Anna speaks to how they manage their time and ‘theming’ their days

14:01 – How Anna’s business exploded during COVID-19 and celebrating ‘NO-vember’

19:08 – Anna talks about the importance of celebrating ourselves and how they avoid burnout

27:35 – The work Anna is doing as a community strategist


Tweetable Quotes

“People hire me for website copy and what they get is sales strategy.” Share on X “The worst thing to do to a creative brain is say no to something.” Share on X “The more we give ourselves permission to say, ‘No’ and frame it as, “I’m saying ‘No’ so that I can say ‘Yes’ to this,’ I think that’s where we miss that step. Remind yourself the gift that that ‘No’ is also giving you.” Share on X “Showing up in ways more than an entrepreneur and a business owner is showing up fully human. And you can only do that if you respect yourself first. And I’ve found that when you say, ‘No’ people respect you more.” Share on X “Something I do when I’m feeling those warning signs of burnout is I look at my calendar and what I have booked and planned and notice what I’m excited about and what I’m saying ‘Oh fuck’ about.” Share on X “There’s been a beauty in the pandemic of helping people focus in on who really matters, not what.” Share on X “I think there’s a lot of good-hearted people that want to create transformative online communities around their business. They just have never been taught how.” Share on X “Showing up consistently in the smallest ways creates huge changes and takes time.” Share on X


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