Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Roberto sits down with self-love coach and host of The Unlearning Podcast, Jenna Slaughter. Through their podcast and coaching career, Jenna delivers a fresh outlook on emotions, communication and unlearning fear-based thinking. Jenna has had discussions on self-talk, relationships, personal development, radical self-acceptance, habit building, anxiety coping, authenticity and more! Today, Roberto and Jenna share a deep conversation about following your own trajectory, breaking the mold, empowering others and stepping into your authentic self.


What we covered

00:56 – Introducing today’s guest, Jenna Slaughter, who shares their background as an entrepreneur

05:02 – Jenna talks about the importance of forging your own way and following your own trajectory

08:22 – Jenna talks about their show, The Unlearning Podcast

11:43 – Roberto and Jenna talk about breaking the mold and challenging society’s status quo

15:29 – Jenna opens up about an abusive relationship they endured and the importance of letting go of things that do not serve you

26:05 – Where listeners can follow and connect with Jenna


Tweetable Quotes

“I love being able to help give to LGBTQIA+ community more tools to be able to make more money and get out of their own way and ultimately move the gay agenda forward.” Share on X “We are not all the same person but yet we have this idea that we need to follow this same trajectory.” Share on X “Part of my goal is to give people tools, strategies and exercises in each of my episodes to help them unlearn what the topic is and what they are moving into instead.” Share on X “Part of my audacity is the audacity to be vulnerable because so many other people have said, ‘oh my gosh, I feel that same way but I’ve never talked about it.’ And it opens up dialogue. And dialogue opens up space for healing. I’m here for that.” Share on X “It’s really worth it in the long run to help empower other people to really just be who they are authentically and to stop hiding and pretending.” Share on X “If there were enough self-love coaches, or if there were enough podcasters, or if this message was landing with people and they felt seen in this message, they would have already made these shifts.” Share on X “I want you to be empowered to take a tiny step forward today when you listen to this podcast and DM it to me. DM it to me on Instagram and say, ‘hey, I took this step,’ and I will 100% be that ‘rah-rah’ cheerleader for you because you deserve it. That… Share on X


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