Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with independent business owner, Andy Schumacher. Andy is the Founder and CEO of Little Shoes Studio as well as a board member of the non-profit organization, The Queer Business Alliance. Andy believes in creating a world where young, queer, & creative entrepreneurs and business owners are normalized, successful, and valued. Michelle and Andy discuss their shared desire to elevate queer business owners, knowing and charging what you’re worth as an entrepreneur and the importance of cultivating a supportive community of entrepreneurs.


What we covered

00:42 – Introducing today’s guest, Andy Schumacher, who shares their incredible entrepreneurial journey

04:43 – Andy and Michelle talk about their shared experiences with discrimination in the business world

11:07 – How Andy wrestles with being both pro-business and pro-queer

15:40 – Michelle and Andy discuss the importance of knowing your worth as a queer entrepreneur

22:01 – The moment everything shifted for Andy as an entrepreneur

25:45 – The importance of personal growth and advice Andy would give to aspiring entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“It started making more and more sense to me that my true storytelling medium is business.” Share on X “As we’re building up, we’re gonna give back to each other. And we’re just gonna get stronger and stronger. I just believe so strongly that we need to elevate the entire social capital of the queer community and work together to make that happen.… Share on X “There’s enough for all of us and we’re all enough. And we can work together to collectively elevate ourselves.” Share on X “Whenever I do participate in these capitalist systems, I always make sure that I’m asking myself, ‘Can I observe this? Can I examine and collect data about what this experience is like without being so emotionally invested in it?’” Share on X “If you’re gonna produce your best and perform your best for your client, you have to charge what you’re worth, bottom line.” Share on X “My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to find community, support other people and ask for support and help.” Share on X


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