Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with entrepreneur and marketing professional, Dr. Sarah Skidmore. Sarah is a leadership doctor and consultant who helps organizations develop their people to maximize the potential of their talent to ultimately help their business meet their goals. Michelle and Sarah discuss how to navigate self-awareness and authenticity as business owners, the concept of ‘Stronger People’ leadership and why it is crucial to have representation of all groups in entrepreneurship.


What we covered

00:40– Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Sarah Skidmore, who shares the decision to pursue a doctorate in leadership and how to navigate self-awareness and authenticity

06:55 – Dr. Sarah provides advice and best practices for expressing our leadership upward

08:56 – Dr. Sarah explains the concept of ‘Stronger People’ leadership

14:00 – Dr. Sarah speaks further to the importance of authenticity

17:04 – Advice Dr. Sarah would give to aspiring entrepreneurs about sales

21:42 – Dr. Sarah talks about the value of setting boundaries in business

23:59 – Dr. Sarah stresses the importance of representation and celebrating queer entrepreneurship


Tweetable Quotes

“It’s really that opportunity to not only help business grow and achieve what goals they have, but help the people. Because the people are who comprise our teams and our organizations.” Share on X “When we think about leadership, leadership really is an individual having influence and how that individual uses that influence.” Share on X “So for me authenticity has to connect with having that self-awareness of, ‘what is my purpose, who am I, what are my values?’ And then embodying that in a variety of different contexts.” Share on X “Be who you are. That’s what they want to see is who you are. And that’s what’s gonna help you get business, not faking being something you’re not.” Share on X “If you are trying to enter a space, start a business, start an organization and you may be feeling that nobody that has my identity does this or has done this. That’s all the more reason to do it because representation matters.” Share on X


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