Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with nationally recognized business strategist, speaker and award-winning author, Jenn T. Grace. A self-proclaimed “professional lesbian,” Jenn is on a mission to teach others everything they need to know about doing business with and marketing yourself to the LGBTQIA+ community. Michelle and Jenn discuss their shared desire to help lift up other queer business owners and entrepreneurs, Jenn’s passion for social change and her approach to helping thought leaders share their stories of adversity at Publish Your Purpose Press.


What we covered

00:45– Introducing today’s guest, Jenn T. Grace, who speaks to the work she does at Publish Your Purpose Press

03:25 – How Jenn is helping her clients navigate the challenges of virtual events amidst COVID-19

07:23 – Jenn stresses the importance of being an ally to other queer-ran businesses and queer entrepreneurs

16:30 – The path to benevolent capitalism and equity

21:34 – Jenn shares her values-based approach to business and the benefits of being an openly out entrepreneur

26:31 – Attracting the people you want and repelling those you don’t

29:19 – Advice Jenn would give to her former self and aspiring entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“The reality is that we work with business owners, people who are speakers, people who are thought leaders. And, at the end of the day, me taking a three month sabbatical is not an option. And that’s the case for most people.” Share on X “I think as queer people, we’re already an underdog in most of the settings that we show up in, whether we perceive ourselves as such or not. So, I think by helping each other, being allies to other adjacent groups that we can be allies to, that’s the… Share on X “If we can’t have the courage to speak our truth, then we can’t expect others to speak our truth for us.” Share on X “I find that most successful queer business owners will always make time for someone who is just starting out to say, ‘Let me point you in the right direction. It’s the least I can do.’” Share on X “There’s so many superpowers and advantages that we do have as queer people.” Share on X “I think repelling people is a beautiful thing.” Share on X “So often we fight with our gut. Our gut knows – we instinctively know – what we need to do next, but we fight it with our logic. That’s not actually helping us. Just go with your gut instinct.” Share on X


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