Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with Dalia Kinsey from Kinsey Wellness And Communications. Dalia is a queer registered dietitian focused on serving the LGBTQIA+ community. Through her work, Dalia has curated inclusive virtual employee wellness programs that are LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC affirming. Michelle and Dalia talk about what inspired Dalia to start her business, the danger of ignorance and privilege that still exist in our society and the importance of being an advocate for not only yourself, but also for those who are experiencing oppression


What we covered

00:53 – Introducing today’s guest, Dalia Kinsey, who speaks to the inspiration to start their own wellness company, Kinsey Nutrition & Communications

03:15 – Dalia discusses how medical oppression has impacted marginalized communities

09:50 – How Dalia addresses her clients’ negative medical experiences

14:49 – Dalia expresses why it’s important to celebrate queerness and queer entrepreneurship

16:30 – Michelle and Dalia talk about ignorance and privilege that has permeate our society

23:52 – Michelle and Dalia discuss the concept of being in a straight-passing relationship

29:30 – Why it’s the responsibility of people in privilege to advocate for those who are being oppressed


Tweetable Quotes

“I know that how you’re treated affects your baseline stress levels. And that affects how your health plays out.” Share on X “For most people that I come across I really have to focus on empowering them to set boundaries and to feel confident in not listening to your healthcare provider like they are this all knowing person you must look up to and obey everything they say.” Share on X “It’s important to have a support system and, if at all possible, someone who can help you navigate those spaces while you’re down. Because if you’re really sick, you probably won’t have the bandwidth to handle these battles on their own.” Share on X “As companies pop up that specifically want to serve underserved people and we take our money and leave the places that have been beating us up, I think that will get people to really look at changing. Some people have no moral compass and the only way… Share on X “I think moving through the last four years helped a lot of people realize that there’s no pay off for us not showing up one hundred percent as ourselves.” Share on X “I don’t really believe you can live a full, well-rounded life if you always have to hide.” Share on X

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