Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with the host of the Homoground podcast, Casper. Homoground is an audio podcast featuring music by queer (LGBTQIA+ & allied) bands/musicians. The podcast was created to bring exposure & access to non-mainstream bands, especially those in isolated communities. Michelle and Casper discuss the importance of creating space for the queer community, conquering the scarcity mindset and the fulfillment they both receive from working towards a greater purpose.


What we covered

00:49 – Introducing today’s guest, Casper, who opens up about what it was like starting a podcast nearly ten years ago and overcoming the ‘scarcity mindset’

08:45 – Casper provides their thoughts on coaching and challenging the limiting belief mindset

13:08 – Michelle and Casper discuss the importance of creating more space for the queer community

17:43 – Casper recalls some interesting interviews they’ve conducted on Homoground

21:54 – Where listeners can find out more about and support Homoground


Tweetable Quotes

“I’m sure that going through all that coaching and training has rewired my brain in a different way that made me break away from a lot of limited beliefs.” Click To Tweet “I think a lot of us who are queer, who are women, who are minorities really feel the impact of these limited beliefs to the point where they just become our truths. It takes a lot of work to unlearn those things and to learn more empowering thoughts… Click To Tweet “As I’m trying to figure out my coaching sessions, I remind myself of the things that I have been doing. And that’s creating space and a place for LGBTQIA+ community to come together.” Click To Tweet “A lot of things I’m creating are things that I’m creating for my younger self. And I know that people are still going through those things. So I’m glad that it’s able to help me and also able to help a lot of other people.” Click To Tweet “Being able to meet people and have those kinds of conversations and connections I don’t think I would have had if it weren’t for Homoground. So I am grateful that this project has led to me meeting a lot of amazing people and having great… Click To Tweet


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