Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with coming out coach, Nancy Shadlock. Nancy is the CEO and Founder of Center Life Coaching and the host of the Coming Out Chronicles podcast. When she finally When she finally discovered that she didn’t have to divorce her spirituality to embrace her sexuality, she stepped forward and kept creating more and more of the life she’s always dreamed of. Now, Nancy helps others step out of the closet, connect to their truest self and support them in sharing that with their world in a life-giving way. Michelle and Nancy discuss the importance of having a strong support system as an entrepreneur, balancing self-care and the value of coaching.


What we covered

01:03 – Introducing today’s guest, Nancy Shadlock, who shares how she has embraced her spirituality and sexuality and speaks to the work she does as a coming out coach

04:34 – Nancy shares a particularly inspiring coming out story from her work at a recent retreat

07:21 – Nancy talks about the creativity she’s employed to enhance the experience for her clients amidst COVID-19

11:06 – The importance of having a strong support system as an entrepreneur

13:43 – How Nancy balances her own self-care

15:57 – Nancy provides their thoughts on why it’s important to celebrate queer entrepreneurship

20:38 – What Nancy loves most about her work and why coaching matters


Tweetable Quotes

“I thought I had to divorce my spirituality in order to embrace my sexuality. And when I realized I could bring those together and be authentic in all of who I am, I was able to use my Master of Arts and spiritual formation to help others.” Share on X “You learn more from the ‘screw-ups’ than from the amazing successes.” Share on X “What I’ve been leaning into lately is that my queerness is my path to wholeness. And so as I’ve been able to own that and lean into it, so much has opened up as far as my business because it’s so much more authentic of who I am. So that’s why I love… Share on X “I had to wait until I had a community that had wrestled with this and said, ‘No, you can totally be gay and that’s okay.’” Share on X “One of my favorite things is helping people realize what is special about them and then empowering them to share that with the world.” Share on X


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