Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with mural artist and entrepreneur, Sam Skrimpz. Sam is the founder of FriedSkrimpz, a queer ran studio specializing in quality hand painted murals and large scale paintings, produced in the style of the artist. Michelle and Sam discuss Sam’s incredible entrepreneurial journey, the power of going viral via social media and the importance of knowing your value as a business owner. Sam shares insights on manifesting the right mindset, believing in your abilities and celebrating queer entrepreneurship.


What we covered

01:05– Introducing today’s guest, Sam Skrimpz, who shares their entrepreneurial story, how they went viral on Instagram and the value they have gained from their incredible business coach

10:08 – Sam provides advice to hesitant entrepreneurs and reflects on overcoming the defeatist mindset

14:31 – Sam talks about the incredible growth of their business over the past few months and personal rituals they implements into their business and personal lives

18:46 – Sam shares best practices and strategies for manifesting your own goals

23:42 – Sam provides their thoughts on why it’s important to celebrate queer entrepreneurship

27:05 – Advice Sam would give to aspiring queer entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“For other artists, I’d like to them that your art is valuable because you created it and you developed your skillset to be what it is today. So, you can continue to grow that and validate it with money.” Share on X “I think when I got to that point of having pride and understanding that I accomplished my visual language and I was ready to go to that next step, that’s when I gained that confidence boost.” Share on X “In order to have that manifestation happen, start with something simple – something you can accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. Set that standard for you and set aside time for you to accomplish that goal.” Share on X “Whenever I am given the most artistic freedom within a situation, it turns out to be the most mutually beneficial mural-giving experience that you can have.” Share on X


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