Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with wedding photographer and entrepreneur, Brady Bates. Brady has a passion for photography that inspired him to drop out of school early and pursue a career in the field full-time. His goal is to tell each couple’s story and share in the joy of their big day. Michelle and Brady discuss the growing trend of adventure elopements, Brady’s passion for what he does and how coming out impacted Brady’s brand in incredible ways.


What we covered

00:48– Introducing today’s guest, Brady Bates, who speaks to his entrepreneurial journey and how he arrived at the decision to run his own business at a young age

03:49 – Advice Brady would give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are being held back by the naysayers

06:01 – The decision to drop out of school to pursue a career in photography

08:36 – Brady discusses his passion for shooting weddings, the growing trend of ‘adventure elopements’ and the craziest wedding he’s ever worked on

12:34 – Brady speaks to his latest venture, Influencer Photography

13:24 – Brady shares his coming out story and how it has impacted his business and brand in a positive way

16:24 – Brady provides his thoughts on why it’s important to celebrate queer entrepreneurship

18:42 – Advice Brady would give to aspiring queer entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“I am twenty-one. I started my business full-time when I was seventeen so I’m only on year four of being a photographer. And so, it’s been quite a journey. It’s definitely been such a fun experience.” Share on X “Happiness is the most important thing to me. That and doing what I love.” Share on X “The whole environment of wedding days is just so happy and so inspiring to me. And so, it makes it fun.” Share on X “Now that I’m out and am super open and happy about it, I definitely want to restructure my brand and shoot more queer couples. There’s a much better understanding of each other, and creating that connection is so much easier because we know each… Share on X “If you don’t support me, don’t hire me.” Share on X


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