Episode Summary

In this episode of QueerHustle, Michelle sits down with relationship therapist and coach, Dr. Lynda Spann. Lynda is passionate about helping people grow amazing relationships. She has made it her life’s mission to figure out how to create a relationship that brings about pleasure, happiness, and ongoing growth. Michelle and Lynda discuss the work Lynda is doing to empower queer women and lesbian couples to have lasting relationships. They talk about overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur, such as running a business with your spouse and building a business to scale. Finally, Lynda encourages any aspiring queer entrepreneurs to go out there and do it!


What we covered

00:57 – Dr. Lynda Spann joins the show to discuss the work she does at Lesbian Couples Institute and her mission to empower queer women to have lasting, healthy relationships

08:28 – Lynda talks about overcoming challenges within her business, specifically building to scale and impacting as many couples as possible

11:41 – Lynda speaks to the power of facilitating community online

13:41 – Lynda opens up about her experience running her business with her wife, Lisa

16:59 – Lynda shares her mindset transformation from therapist to business owner

19:37 – Lynda provides her thoughts on why it’s important to celebrate queer entrepreneurship

21:12 – Advice Lynda would give to aspiring queer entrepreneurs


Tweetable Quotes

“My mission is to have a lower divorce rate in lesbian couples than in the heterosexual world. And we’re not there yet.” Share on X “I think that, yes, as a community we’ve had to go against the norm, the grain, the expectation of the hetero-normative world. We’re just better at embracing change and doing what’s right for us. I think sometimes we give up on relationships… Share on X “If I do just thirty hours of client contact, I get to help thirty couples. But if I can create an online group program for lesbian couples, it’s endless how many couple I can help.” Share on X “For some couples, it’s not a good idea to run a business together and for others it can work out well. But it requires a lot of transparency and being willing to rumble and have all manner of conversations.” Share on X “When queer people can unite and learn from each other, we get to be a mirror for each other. We get to identify with each other. We don’t feel like the oddball in the sea of everybody.” Share on X “One piece of advice is get mentorship, get a coach. Get yourself with a community of other people who are learning because you’ll save a ton of time and heartache.” Share on X


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