Episode Summary

Welcome to Queer Hustle, a show that interviews the hottest up-and-coming queer entrepreneurs about growing businesses, creating dream lifestyles and taking care of each other. Join host Michele Coyle as she sits down to explore what’s possible when you approach business with full authenticity.

In this episode, experienced Public Relations pro and newly minted entrepreneur, Sarah Massey joins the show to talk about the work she is doing to curate a safe, sex positive, online platform for members of the LGBTQ+ communities to feel free to express themselves. Sarah speaks to her demonstrated history of working in social change, her passion for sustaining her community and the importance of supporting queer businesses with a strong social mission.


What we covered

00:45 – Introducing today’s guest, Sarah Massey, who shares her background as an entrepreneur and the work she’s currently doing with Joie de Vivre

06:03 – Why it is important for queer people to have a sex positive space to express themselves

09:20 – The need for members of the LGBTQ community to feel free

11:44 – Sarah speaks to the origin story of the Joie de Vivre platform

14:55 – Advice Sarah would give to aspiring entrepreneurs

19:42 – Michelle thanks Sarah for joining the show


Tweetable Quotes

“People want to have that experience still of exploration. Well, the first events that we started with are called ‘Queer Dance Naked’ because there’s so much exploration and so much fun to be had when you’re doing something a little outside the box.”… Share on X “If I want to be able to be free to be myself, I want to have a space that I know was developed for me. Has a club owner or a party thrower really considered all the needs of the LGBTQ community?” (06:30) - Sarah Share on X “There’s an aspect of queerness that can benefit the whole population. Those of us who have overcome oppression and marginalization have a lot to teach others.” (07:26) - Sarah Share on X “Am I gonna be able to be resilient? And that’s something I’ve learned. It’s the intersection of the art and the activism that creates that resiliency.” (10:54) - Sarah Share on X “I don’t like the idea of these mega corporations telling me how I can live my life. I’m an adult. And if I want to take off my clothes and dance to Prince I should be allowed to.” (13:54) - Sarah Share on X “How am I going to grow and sustain my community? That’s what I really want to do as well, sustain our community.” (17:42) - Sarah Share on X “I believe that there’s a ton of money that people want to spend with queer businesses that have a social mission. And it’s up to us, the entrepreneurs and the visionaries, to get out there and make those offerings.” (18:56) - Sarah Share on X


Links Mentioned

Massey Media Website https://masseymedia.wordpress.com/

Joie de Vivre Websitehttps://www.joie.dance/

Sarah’s LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahmassey/

Michelle’s Website https://michellecoyle.com/podcast/


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